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Access Control System

We install and repair all access control brands on the market. We design, plan, and install according to your needs and requirements, we offer support and training for system management.

Why is it important to have access control in our community?

Access control is an important measure for maintaining safety and security in a community.

  • Preventing unauthorized entry: Access control measures such as gates, fences, and security personnel can prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the community, reducing the risk of criminal activity, vandalism, or other unwanted behavior.

  • Protecting residents and property: Access control measures can also protect residents and their property from theft, burglary, and other types of crime. This can give residents peace of mind and create a sense of safety and security within the community.

  • Monitoring and managing traffic: Access control measures can help monitor and manage traffic within the community, ensuring that only authorized vehicles and individuals are allowed entry. This can reduce traffic congestion and make the community safer for pedestrians and drivers.

  • Enforcing community rules and regulations: Access control measures can also help enforce community rules and regulations. For example, security personnel can ensure that guests are following parking rules or that noise levels are kept within acceptable limits.

Overall, access control is an important component of community safety and security. By implementing access control measures, communities can reduce the risk of crime, protect residents and property, and ensure that community rules and regulations are followed.

Electric Gates

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ways to open a door


Master Controller

Laptop operating an Acces Control System

Free Exit Button 

Installing an RFID antenna at the entrance gate of your condominium can provide several benefits.

  • Enhanced Security: RFID antennas can provide an added layer of security by ensuring that only authorized vehicles with RFID tags can enter the property. This can help prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering and potentially causing harm or damage.

  • Increased Convenience: RFID antennas can make entering the property more convenient for residents and authorized visitors. Instead of having to manually open a gate or present an access card or key, an RFID tag can be read automatically as the vehicle approaches the gate, allowing for quick and easy access.

  • Better Traffic Management: RFID antennas can also help manage traffic flow in and out of the property by allowing for faster and more efficient vehicle entry and exit. This can help reduce congestion and wait times at the gate.

  • Improved Record Keeping: RFID antennas can also be integrated with access control or security systems to provide detailed records of vehicle entry and exit. This can be helpful in tracking visitor or resident activity, or in investigating security incidents.

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